About Double Wood

Double Wood Furniture Co., Ltd. was established in 1978 and is being an expert wooden baby furniture manufacturer in Taiwan for a wide range of baby products, including baby high chair, crib, changing table, safety door gate, bouncer and the related wooden products. Our products have developed a very good reputation for dependability and quality. We have established a fully guaranteed quality control system, developing and producing absolutely safe, healthy and environmental protection products. All of our products comply with European and USA Standards, with the safe lacquering finishing. We are well qualified to take care of your interest and can be your most reliable supplier of OEM and ODM in Kids Field.

About Double Wood

Double Wood - a professional wooden baby furniture supplier - you can reply on.

Pricing Stability: We aim to offer the highest quality of products but with more reasonable prices.

Quality and Delivery: Our average failure rate for our products is less than 0.005%. Consistent quality standard ensures our customers have the lower expenses on providing after-service. In DW, 95% of the orders are shipped within 5-6 weeks. This allows our customers to make an accurate inventory planning.

Customer service and support: Besides price and quality, DW offers A Personal Touch Service. We provide our customer with prompt, efficient and considered support so that they can be successful.