About Double Wood

DW's products have developed a very good reputation for dependability and quality. DW has full control over nearly all production functions from peeling-slicing-sawing-forming-sand milling-drilling-sizing-assembly-painting-testing-packing-logistics.

Committed to technology innovation and excellent service, we fulfill customers with environmental protection, safety, childcentred products and especially continue new products development. We very confidently guarantee the high quality of DW's products.

Quality Control

Double Wood has established a fully guaranteed quality control system, developing and producing absolutely safe products. To further guaranty our quality, a formal quality assurance program under the supervision of our Quality Control Department was established years ago. This enables us to meet the strict European and USA safety norms.

Welcome OEM/ ODM

The future goal of DW is to integrate the high-quality of OEM, with the advantage of diversified products of ODM, and long-term future plan of OBM, in order to create new era with the global potential partners.